Israelis and Palestinians are increasingly supportive of military action to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

A poll published Thursday showed that both .  Reactions from Palestinians to President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital factored into the results, the pollsters said in the report.

In the poll, Palestinian support for a military offensive almost doubled in the six months since the previous poll, while Israeli support for a military offensive increased 60 percent. When asked what the next step in the conflict should be:

  • 26 percent of Palestinians chose a peace deal, a decline from 45 percent in the previous poll.
  • 38 percent of Palestinians chose armed struggle, up from 21 percent.
  • 38 percent of Israeli Jews chose a peace deal, down from 45 percent.
  • 19 percent of Israeli Jews chose armed struggle, up from 12 percent.

In other poll results, 46 percent of both Israeli Jews and Palestinians support a two-state solution.

  • That number is down from 52 percent of Palestinians who supported the solution.
  • Support from Israeli Jews for a two-state solution is almost unchanged.
  • 83 percent of Israeli Arabs support a two-state solution. Nearly half of Israeli Jews and 60 percent of Palestinians believe that Israel settlements in the West Bank have grown so much that a two-state solution is not viable, the poll results said.

Large majorities on both sides say the other side is not trustworthy.

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