Israelis Detain Teen Palestinian Heroine Whose Bravery Humiliated the Occupation

Israeli occupation forces are celebrating a major victory after thwarting a growing threat: a 16-year-old Palestinian girl who shows no fear in fighting back against military personnel invading her home.Ahed al-Tamimi has earned widespread respect as an exemplary Palestinian fighter who, despite her youth, continues to resist the Israeli occupation of her people’s territory. In 2010, as a child, she first became famous through a photograph in which she stands before a soldier with her fist raised.

In 2015, she once again earned the admiration of Arabs after photos circulated of the then-14-year-old – along with her female cousin, her aunt and her mother – fighting an Israeli occupation soldier who was pinning down her 12-year old male cousin. In the photo, Ahed can be seen biting the soldier’s hand after he smacked her in the face.

Tamimi women and children of Nabi Saleh unmask armed Israeli soldier attempting to capture their child. | Photo: Reuters

In 2016, another image of her staring down a female occupation trooper also went viral.

Nicknamed “Shirley Temper” because of her fair, curly hair and prominence on YouTube, Tamimi’s popularity became irksome to the occupation authorities, especially when she dined with then-Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan three years ago. This summer, she embarked on a speaking tour of South Africa to rally support for her people.