Israel’s forged fears may only serve to isolate the Zionist enterprise

Palestine Update  147
Israel’s forged fears may only serve to isolate the Zionist enterprise
When Israel is condemned for its absurd actions; it reacts as if it were the victim of some international anti-Jewish conspiracy. It throws guilt on the face of the accuser by categorizing them as anti-Semitic when, in fact, its own attacks on Palestine people constitutes de-recognition of a people who can also lay claim to being among the first Semites.Israel today cites security as the reason why it has built the apartheid wall, installed check points, demolished homes, blockaded Gaza, imprisoned tens and thousands of Palestinians, created bypasses while stealing Palestinian land, established settlements of Jewish populations on Palestinian land, appropriated heritage sites that belong to Palestine and its tourism sector, refused refugees who it dispossessed some 70 years ago re-entry into their homes and villages, and more such evil actions. But countries in the region allude to Israel as the factor that creates insecurity and that Israel has just one important step it can take to reverse its supposed sense of insecurity- withdraw the occupation and cease its colonialist designs on Arab lands, including The Golan Heights in Syria. For as long as Israel refuses to withdraw from lands that does not legitimately belong to it, it cannot expect the Arabs to be welcoming neighbours. Israel has imposed on its neighbours a state of war. War is what occupation really is.Israel must ask itself why it has never ever been able to garner support at the level of the United Nations – never a vote in its favour – except through vetoes. On the contrary, the votes against Israel have been won by wide margins in the General assembly, UNSC and even in the various sub-bodies of the United Nations. Last evening the UN passed a crushing resolution condemning Israel’s use of “use of any excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate force” against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. (Margin of vote: 120 to 8). The resolution deprecated the “use of live ammunition against civilian protesters, including children, as well as medical personnel and journalists” and underscoring its “grave concern at the loss of innocent lives”.

Israel is on notice. The BDS is rapidly spreading. If this grows, Israel risks isolation in fields where it is reliant. Israel may then learn to conform to global democracy and avoid seclusion.

Israel must also confront its dual standards. It is a nuclearised state with dangerous weapons in its armory. It is a huge incongruity that while the US wants North Korea to denuclearize, it blinds itself to Israel’s dangerous nuclear secrets. The US, UK and Canada who practice nuclear apartheid also sustains Israel’s political apartheid. U.S. presidents have secretly agreed not to ask Israel to surrender is nuclear arsenal. This, despite, Israel being the warmonger of the region seeking to destroy any country or leader it despises. Israel must be stopped in its tracks or else the region will see a proliferation of nuclear weapons. This is no ideal formula but it would be foolish to give Israel an edge knowing its penchant for being reckless during its military assaults.

Ranjan Solomon

Hewlett Packard (HP) Faces $120 million in potential losses due to its complicity in Israel’s violations of Palestinian human rights
Four million-strong Indian student federation Students Federation of India (SFI) joins BDS movement & pledges to boycott HP joins the BDS movement & boycotts HP

Hewlett Packard (HP) faces over $120 million in potential losses since India’s largest student federation passed a resolution to support the BDS movement and to boycott Hewlett Packard (HP) companies over their well-documented complicity in Israel’s grave violations of Palestinian human rights. Apoorva Gautam, the India-based South Asia coordinator for the Palestinian BDS National Committee, which leads and supports the global Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement for Palestinian rights, explained:

The Students Federation of India (SFI) is more than 4 million members strong, and on June 9, they joined the global campaign to boycott HP. This means that Hewlett Packard companies now risk losing over 4 million potential clients in India because of their complicity in Israel’s gross violations of Palestinian human rights. Given that the cheapest HP laptop in India costs about $300, this means that HP may be losing a potential student market of over $120 million. This is enormously significant.

Other updates from India
(From Aporva Gautam, for details

  • A cross section of LGBTQIA+ organizations joined the call from Palestinian queers to boycott the Tel Aviv International Film Festival. They urged an Indian director participating in the film festival from withdrawing and affirmed their fight against Pinkwashing i.e. the cynical use of LGBTQIA+ rights by Israel to whitewash its crimes:
    Read more:
  • Tamoghna Halder, from Calcutta who was among the organizers of People’s Literature Festival in Calcutta last March, made an amazing intervention on the subject of Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel from the sciences.
    Read here:
  • On June 1st, a citizens group in Bangalore organized a vigil, bringing to light corporate impunity as exhibited by HP and Vedanta (following the killings in Thoothukudi):
  • Security Cooperation:
    The story of the police sniper in Thoothukudi, who shot and killed unarmed protesters has led us to the discovery of police training exchanges that exist between India and Israel. Police repression is a decades old issue in India that civil society has been struggling against. And it now has the Israeli edge added to it, furthering the militarization of police forces. Read more on this here:

Wave of Spanish cities express support for Palestinian Rights

Over the last month, a wave of major cities across Spain has expressed strong support for Palestinian rights and denounced Donald Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Madrid, the capital and largest city in Spain, passed a motion condemning Israel’s “disproportionate and indiscriminate use of force … against Palestinian civilians” and called for an “immediate end” to the “illegal siege” suffocating 2 million people in Gaza. Barcelona, the second largest city in the Spanish state, endorsed the Palestinian call to stop arming Israel until it ends its gross violations of Palestinian human rights. Its city council overwhelmingly voted for a comprehensive military embargo and urged the Spanish government to ensure it is acted on.Valencia, a regional capital, is now the largest city in the world to have voted to become an Apartheid Free Zone and explicitly support the BDS movement for Palestinian rights. Pamplona, another regional capital, passed a resolution that supports the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes. It also called on the Spanish government and European Union to impose sanctions on Israel and cut diplomatic ties with the country. Terrassa and Badalona, Catalunya’s third and fourth largest cities, respectively, also called on the Spanish government to stop arming Israel in light of its recent massacre of Palestinians in Gaza and longstanding violations of Palestinian human rights. Smaller towns are also taking action. Trebujena, a small town in Andalusia, became an Apartheid Free Zone last month. Salt, in Catalunya, just passed a motion for military embargo this week. More cities are expected to follow.

Ana Sanchez, an organizer with the Palestinian BDS National Committee, the largest Palestinian civil society coalition which leads the global BDS movement for Palestinian rights, said: When central governments fail to protect human rights, city councils shoulder an immense responsibility and have the opportunity to play a historic role on the side of justice”.

U.S. signed secret agreements to cover up Israeli nuclear weapons
The Forward reports today that U.S. presidents have signed secret documents that “Israelis saw as an American commitment not to ask them to give up their undeclared nuclear arsenal.”  Forward is “the most influential nationwide Jewish media outlet today.” When asked President Obama at his first presidential press conference whether any country in the Middle East had nuclear weapons, he evaded the question (video here). Finally in 2015, in a move ignored by most U.S. media, the Pentagon finally publicly admitted that Israel has nuclear weapons. While the Israel lobby promotes fears about a possible Iranian nuclear program (U.S, intelligence agencies have found no evidence that this exists), U.S. media and politicians turn a blind eye to Israel. Numerous groups have tried to raise the issue. An American think-tank, Institute for Research: Middle East Policies (IRMEP) has filed a “39-page federal lawsuit challenging the secrecy of a gag order that forbids all U.S. government agency employees and contractors from discussing Israel’s nuclear weapons program.”

UN vote on resolution condemning Israeli massacre in Gaza
The United Nations has crushingly passed a resolution condemning Israel’s use of “use of any excessive, disproportionate and indiscriminate force” against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. The margin of vote was 120 to 8. The resolution deprecated the “use of live ammunition against civilian protesters, including children, as well as medical personnel and journalists” and underscoring its “grave concern at the loss of innocent lives”. The measure also called for the creation of a mechanism to ensure the “protection of the Palestinian civilian population” and urged Israel to lift its economic blockade on an area ruled by the militant group Hamas.

The United States and Israel have accused detractors of ignoring Hamas’s role in inciting violence by firing rockets into Israel and encouraging demonstrators to rush the border. The final resolution made no mention of Hamas although it did censure “the firing of rockets from the Gaza Strip against Israeli civilian areas”. In frustration, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley called the proposed resolution “a fundamentally imbalanced text that ignores basic truths about the situation in Gaza.” She wanted a condemnation of Hamas.


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