Israel’s never ending desperation

Palestine Update  130

Israel’s never ending desperation

In the 2014 war on Gaza, ordinary Israeli citizens used to sit atop a hill watching bombs hit targets in Gaza and cheer as they blew up people and crashed buildings. They would cheer and snort at the Palestinian plight. That kind of political behaviour has now become political routine. Israeli police officers are known to give practical demonstrations to primary school children on how to kill a Palestinian assailant and verify that s/he is dead.

Israeli settlers are known to offer tourists a ‘fun-exercise’ called: “How to kill a Palestinian”. Israeli “anti-terrorism day camps” for visitors and other civilians are not new. An article in Haaretz last year detailed their growing popularity amongst tourists from around the globe. Another headline explains that “Tourists in Israel can now pretend to kill a Palestinian for only $115.” That’s the bargain price, for a two-hour program, jam packed with a knife-wielding terrorist, and a suicide bombing in a Jerusalem market. These Anti-terror Fantasy Camps are popping up throughout Israel and the West Bank – and some tourists are eating it up. In some circles within Israel these camps have created “righteous outrage”. But that’s not enough; they must be outlawed.

A Palestinian mother once wrote a column describing how cruelty against Palestinians is ingrained into Israelis. Every Israeli mother is legally obligated by the Israeli government to enter her sons and daughters into an institution that systematically kidnaps and murders. It’s the Israeli Defense Force.

Israel is undergoing its own internal crisis – a kind of political schizophrenia. It is torn between having the most moral army in the Middle East and living out that claim. Israeli oppression prompts Palestinian popular mobilization and that, in turn, deeply alarms Israel. The mass killings in Gaza, the shooting of a motionless Palestinian by an Israeli sniper to cheers from his co-military officers, are examples of that panic.

Read these articles and view the video – they demonstrate what we claim above.

Ranjan Solomon

Above picture : Israeli army personnel are often unclear what the intent of their wars really are

Zionist bombing of Gaza reflects confusion & internal crisis

Hamas has claimed that Israel’s bombing of Gaza areas on Monday has reflected the confusion and the internal crisis it is facing as a result of the marches of return that are held in the Gaza Strip. “The Bombing of resistance posts in Gaza reflects the depth of the internal crisis and the state of confusion which the Zionist entity is experiencing after the Palestinian masses participating in the marches of return and breaking the siege have succeeded in smashing its arrogance, exposing its crimes and developing new tools of popular confrontation and struggle.” The Movement stressed that Israel’s military escalation against Gaza was aimed at covering its internal problems as well as its crimes against peaceful protesters, including children and journalists.

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Israeli sniper shoots motionless Palestinian to cheers from soldiers

Footage has emerged that appears to show an Israeli sniper shooting a seemingly unarmed and motionless Palestinian man in the Gaza Strip, followed by exuberant whooping from an onlooker. Israel’s military said the “incident is being reviewed and will be thoroughly investigated”. The grainy video comes after almost two weeks of daily protests by Palestinians on the Israel-Gaza border in which the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have shot more than two dozen people dead and wounded hundreds more, according to Gazan health officials.

Meanwhile, two Israeli right-wing ministers on Tuesday defended soldiers after a video appearing to show them shoot a Palestinian and rejoice in it spread widely on social media and news sites.
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Dublin councillors urge Government to expel Israel’s ambassador
Dublin City Councillors have voted to urge the Government to expel Israel’s ambassador over the recent killings of Palestinian protesters. The Sinn Féin motion was passed at a monthly council meeting as the party’s first Lord Mayor Mícheál Mac Donncha prepares to travel to a conference in Jerusalem at the invitation of the Palestinian Authority.
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Dublin wants Hewlett Packard boycotted for apartheid complicity
Dublin Councillors passed a motion from People Before Profit Councillor John Lyons calling on the city council to boycott Hewlett Packard goods and services with the company’s contract with the council due to expire in September. Cllr Lyons said Hewlett Packard technology is used by the Israeli government in checkpoints, ID cards and naval systems to impose apartheid on the Palestinian people.
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Excerpts of an article by Ramzy Baroud
Why Israel feels threatened by Popular Resistance in Palestine
Why did Israel kill many unarmed Gaza protesters and wound over 2,000 on Friday, March 30 and on the following days, when they clearly posed no threat to Israeli soldiers?Palestinian popular mobilization deeply concerns Israel, partly because it is a PR nightmare. By killing and wounding Palestinians, Israel had hoped that the masses would retreat, the protests would subside and, eventually, end. This was not the case, of course. But there is more to Israeli fear. The power of the Palestinian people, when united beyond factional allegiances, is immense. It disrupts Israel’s political and military tactics entirely, and places Tel Aviv wholly on the defensive.

As thousands of Palestinians walked peacefully into the deadly ‘buffer zone’ along the Gaza border into the sights of Israeli snipers, their intention was clear: to be seen by the world as ordinary citizens, to show themselves as ordinary human beings, people who, until now, have been made invisible behind the politicians. Gazans pitched tents, socialized and waved Palestinian flags – not the banners of the various factions. The Israeli army’s response, using the latest technology in exploding bullets, was predictable. By shooting dead 15 unarmed protesters and wounding 773 people on the first day alone, the aim was to discipline the Palestinians.

Aware of the international spotlight, Fatah immediately took credit for this spontaneous act of popular resistance. Deputy Chairman, Mahmoud Al-Aloul, said that the protesters mobilized to support the PA “in the face of pressure and conspiracies concocted against our cause,” undoubtedly referring to Trump’s strategy of isolation towards the Fatah-dominated PA. But this is not the reality. This is about the people finding expression outside the confines of factional interests; a new strategy. This time, the world must listen.
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Don’t befriend me for a day, and leave me a month. Don’t get close to me if you’re going to leave. Don’t say what you don’t do. Be close or get away.
لا تصاحبني يوماً .. لتهجرني شهراً ولا تقربني .. لتبعدني .. لا تقل ما لا تفعل كُن قريباً .. أو ابتعد.
Mahmoud Darwish.