Issawiya residents inaugurate ‘tallest minaret in Jerusalem’

Residents of the occupied East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya inaugurated what was described as the highest minaret in Jerusalem on Friday. Activist Omar Atiyeh, who was among a number of locals who supervised the construction of the minaret, told Ma’an that the structure was 73 meters high.  According to Atiyeh, the concept for the mosque’s minaret emerged more than a year ago as an attempt to emphasize the Arab and Islamic character of the neighborhood, which he said has been “completely surrounded” by Illegal Israeli settlements, a building belonging to Israel’s Hebrew University, and Israel’s Hadassah Hospital.” Organizers chose to build the minaret atop Issawiya’s oldest mosque. Atiyeh said the minaret cost approximately 1 million shekels ($27,5550) to construct, and was funded by donations from Issawiya residents.
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