Jerusalem family self-demolishes their home to avoid high penalties and fines

A Jerusalem family from Beit Hanina neighborhood, north of occupied East Jerusalem, demolished its own home, Tuesday, to avoid excessively high penalties and fines, imposed by the City Council, in addition to the extremely expensive bills it would pay, if the city demolished their property.

The family of Hafeth Rajabi said it built the home fifteen years ago, and that the property has been providing shelter to several persons. Linda Rajabi, the owner of the home, said the family has no other option but to demolish its own home, because the bills the Council would send after demolishing the home would be as high as 250.000 Israeli Shekels.“This was a very difficult, heart-breaking, decision that we had to make,” she stated, “We lived here for 15 years, now we are homeless, but this is our land, and we will never abandon it.”