‘Jerusalem Lives’ at The Palestinian Museum, Birzeit

    The Palestinian Museum, Birzeit presents “Jerusalem Lives,” its inaugural exhibition curated by Reem Fadda. Located in Birzeit, Palestine’s West Bank, the museum opened in May 2016. The wide-ranging, overtly political exhibition focuses on the realities of living in Jerusalem, as well as the idea that despite being seen as the original global city, it also serves as an example of how globalization has failed worldwide. “Jerusalem Lives” (Tahya Al Quds) is participatory, consisting of four chapters that examine the cultural, political, economic, and ideological aspects of Jerusalem. The exhibition includes works by contemporary artists, a display of 20 large-scale commissions in the museum’s extensive gardens “based on ideas about land, openness, and non-exclusion”, featuring artists such as Mona Hatoum, Emily Jacir, Khaled Jarrar, and many more. Additionally, supporting events and programs will be held at other Palestinian institutions.
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