Join the “Tent Campaign” for solidarity with Gaza and truth-sharing

Palestinian nonviolent demonstrations at the Gaza border have been ongoing for a month now, and will culminate soon: May 15th is the anniversary of the Nakba (as well as the anniversary of the founding of Israel), and a massive march is expected.
Ahead of that moment of critical mass, Americans need to be equipped with an accurate understanding of the situation in Gaza. Without a clear picture, they are bound to fall for the conventional pro-Israel hasbara. The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine has called on us, advocates with a voice, to spread the word. We need to answer that call.
GCRP PROPOSES a “tent campaign,” in which Palestine advocates erect tents in conspicuous places in our cities, and from there share information with passers-by. These tents are a perfect conversation-starter, since the Great Return March rallies around tents, and symbolize the plight of refugees and those whose homes have been demolished by Israel.
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