Leadership of African Independent Churches lends support to BDS boycott of Israel and Palestinian struggle

The South African Council of Churches (SACC) and the Council of African Independent Churches (CAIC) leadership descended on the Holy Land of Palestine-Israel recently.
The church leadership found Israeli abuses of Palestinian human rights to be appalling! Israel has mastered well from the South African apartheid regime and actually surpassed its architect, Hendrik Verword, through its design and application!
What else to say save to plea with the Israeli community to refrain from diabolic acts of apartheid towards Palestinians! Question is, how much holy does the Holy Land still possess???
Every effort including BDS boycott of Israel programs should and must be pursued to dismantle this Israeli Apartheid! I urge the South African government to lead from
the front. One of the first acts must be the withdrawal of our flag and symbols
from the so called South Africa Forest built by Israeli supporters in an don the destroyed Palestinian village of Lubya!!
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