LGBT Film Fest sees nearly half of international filmmakers pull out in BDS win

In its decade-long run, Tel Aviv’s LGBT Film Festival has never before been hit with such pressure from Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) activists supporting Palestine — till now, as nearly half of its international guests have pulled out from participating.

The boycott efforts have been spearheaded by Pinkwashing Israel, who say the TLVFest “promotes the cynical use of gay rights – known as pinkwashing – to distract from and normalize Israeli occupation, settler colonialism and apartheid.”

South African director John Trengove was one of the first guests to pull out, telling organizers last week that he could no longer participate, and citing the concerns of BDS activists.

“It is impossible to look past the fact that the festival (and my participation in it) could serve as a diversion from the human rights violations being committed by the State of Israel,” Trengove wrote.
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