MOFA: Occupation crimes tests the int’l community’s ability to protect two-state solution

While the Israeli government and its allies continue their attempts to stop the Palestinian diplomatic stream aimed at preserving the international legal personality of the State of Palestine, in preparation for its recognition as a full member of the United Nations, the occupation authorities continue their plans to destroy any opportunity to embody the Palestinian state on the ground by confiscating and judaizing Palestinian land, particularly areas classified (c), which constitute the majority of the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Monday.

“In the same context, and as a translation of the occupation’s policy based on the destruction of all internationally financed Palestinian facilities, especially those financed by the European Union, located in areas classified as (C),” statement added. “And in accordance to international and European reports, the occupation authorities attacked “Abu Nowar” community and destroyed the internationally funded doors of the only school available for its population.
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