More than 900 Injured and One Killed in Gaza

A young Palestinian was killed and 968 persons were injured as a result of Israeli repression against the occupation organized in the Gaza Strip for the third consecutive Friday.
The injured were civilians who were wounded by Israeli soldiers, as well as people with symptoms of suffocation due to tear gas inhalation. Among the victims were 16 members of the rescue and medical teams, as well as journalists who were covering the demonstrations.
Those injured were participating in peaceful demonstrations in five communities in the Gaza Strip: Rafah, Khan Younis, Al Bureij and the eastern zones of the cities of Gaza and Jabalia.
During the first demonstration for the Land Day in Gaza on March 30, the Israeli Army killed 19 people injured more than 1,400, many seriously.Ten other people were shot dead last Friday, April 6, in similar demonstrations (more than 20,000 people) near the border fence that separates the Strip from Israeli territory, so the total number of Palestinian deaths has increased to 31 during the past two weeks. Palestinian mobilizations in Gaza, which includes the construction of makeshift camps near the borderline, will continue until May 15.