New campaign calls on UK to ban imports from illegal Israeli settlements


Amnesty UK is launching a new campaign calling on all countries to prohibit settlement goods from their markets and to prevent their companies from operating in settlements or trading in settlement goods to coincide with the 50th anniversary of occupation.

The UK should ban the import of all goods produced in illegal Israeli settlements and help put an end to the multi-million-pound profits that have fueled mass human rights violations against Palestinians, said Amnesty International today. Hundreds of millions of pounds’ worth of goods produced in Israeli settlements built on occupied Palestinian land are exported internationally each year, despite the fact that most countries around the world have officially condemned the settlements as illegal under international law. Israeli and international businesses have also enabled and facilitated settlement construction and expansion. In the UK, imported settlement goods include oranges, dates, spring water and halva desserts.

Amnesty is pointing out that all countries have a clear obligation to ensure respect for international humanitarian law and they should not recognise or assist in any manner the illegal situation that Israel’s settlement policy has created – instead, they should use their influence to stop such violations.

Kate Allen, Director of Amnesty International’s United Kingdom Section, said: “The UK should do the legally and morally right thing and introduce a ban on the import and sale of all goods produced in the Israeli settlements…For decades, Britain and the rest of the world has shamefully stood by as Israel has destroyed Palestinians’ homes and plundered their land and natural resources for profit…The Israeli settlements are illegal – by extension, all settlement goods are tainted by illegality. The UK should no longer be party to this.”

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