‘Normalize That!’: Occupation, Colonization and Apartheid

Normalizing oppression has always been one of the tools used by the colonizer against the resistance of the oppressed and colonized. It is cheap and it works! It turns native against native, and all the oppressor does is sit and watch.

Britain, France, America, Apartheid South Africa, are just a few of the colonizers who l used it as a tool of dominance: they privileged one sector of the colonized population, by offering them some crumbs of the master’s table, which then made them willing propagandists who sang the praises of, and “justified” colonization and its mission civilisatrice.

Apartheid Israel does exactly the same.

With unending aid from the United States of America, a settler-colony itself, Israel has been able to dispossess the Palestinian people, while portraying itself as a ‘modern’ Western country surrounded by Arab and Muslim savages who it oppresses as a favor to protect western interests in the Middle East. And there is no shortage of ‘civilized’ Palestinian natives, janissaries, ‘house niggers’ who understand and can ‘justify’ Israel’s role. It is only these natives who can appreciate its modernity, ‘democracy,’ and– most importantly—its generosity in granting them ‘some of their rights.’

Therefore, the hasbara machine is able to create two categories of Palestinians-Arabs: the grateful and the ungrateful!

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