One by one, Palestine’s classic cinemas are being erased

Municipal bulldozers razed Nablus’ al-Assi cinema in late June after the abandoned property was purchased from its owners. It was the second Palestinian cinema in the West Bank to be demolished in less than a year, after Cinema Jenin was razed last December. Al-Assi, which opened in the early 1950s, was shuttered during the first intifada in 1987 and reopened a decade later. A few years later, during the second intifada, it closed for good.
There are currently only two dedicated cinemas in continuous operation in Palestinian cities in the West Bank – Cinema City, opened in Nablus in 2009, and Palestine Tower, opened in Ramallah in 2014. Other cinemas throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip have been shuttered – some of them demolished – and others turned into wedding halls or garages. Some Palestinian cities have never had a proper movie theater.
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