Palestine forum: We must fight normalisation with Israel

Some 800 international journalists and students came together in Istanbul, Turkey, today to take part in the first day of a media training and awareness programme to create awareness of the Palestinian cause in the news.
In covering the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Abu Arqoub continued, journalists should be specific and clear to say “Israeli occupation soldier kills Palestinian” and not simply report that “Palestinian killed” to ensure the audience is kept aware of who atrocities are committed by. “Since the occupation began to disseminate its narrative in Arabic it removed the barriers between you and it, you have become the barrier to stop the occupation from affecting you,” he warned.
“There are those who say it’s important to listen to both sides however even in international law there are those that take priority, having both discourses isn’t always necessary,” Abu Arqoub stressed in released to media groups’ claims that they must give the occupation equal airtime as they do to the plight of Palestinians.
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