Palestine issue comes to a head on football grounds

Six Israeli clubs based in West Bank settlements  deemed illegal

Six Israeli clubs are based in West Bank settlements which are deemed illegal Gianni Infantino last month he promised that the game’s governing body would make a call on how it would react to the growing tensions between Israel and Palestine. A committee, chaired by the South African veteran anti-apartheid activist Tokyo Sexwale was set up to consider the matter and report back but when it failed to meet its deadline last month (amid reports a full meeting could not even be successfully convened) Infantino said it would be given one more chance after which, he said, “we will make a decision”.

It will be a tough call for him to make.the IOC have the Israelis ease restrictions on the movement of athletes and sports equipment in the region. Now, the highly politicised difficulties between the two organisations have come to a head over the issue of clubs from the Israeli league, six of which are based in West Bank settlements deemed illegal under international law.
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