Palestine On the Air

From 2013 to 2016, academic and activist Karma Chávez hosted a radio programme which gave voice to people supporting the Palestinian struggle for their rights and justice. Palestine on the Air (University of Illinois Press, 2019) brings together a collection of eleven transcribed radio interviews that highlight America’s role in colonial Israel and disappearing Palestine.

In her introduction to the book, Chávez notes that the global struggle and international solidarity as regards Palestinian rights stands in contrast to the US government’s position, which is a conglomeration of backing Israel’s colonial policies while relying on Israel on security matters. US support for Israeli colonialism, therefore, needs to be communicated to a US audience. This provides the opportunity to challenge mainstream narratives, especially when it comes to recognising the role that the US plays in relation to Israel within the international community.

The interviews in the book discuss life under Israel’s colonial occupation and how Palestinians are coerced into living in proximity with settlers; the trauma of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge military offensive; the US academic and cultural campaign to boycott Israel; censorship of pro-Palestine voices; and the impunity awarded to Israel by the US and the international community.