Palestinian archbishop to boycott conference in protest of American policies

Sabastiya Archbishop Atallah Hanna, of the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem has announced he would boycott an upcoming conference in the United States aiming to discuss the situation of Christians in the Middle East, over what he called “misguided” American policies in the region.He is the only Orthodox Palestinian archbishop renowned for his high profile political activism against the Israeli occupation. He further stated that he and a number of Christian leaders from the region were invited to the conference, scheduled to be held in mid-May. “We won’t partake in this conference and we urge all Christian leaders in the Arab world who have been invited to boycott this suspicious conference,” Hanna said. Misguided American policies in the Middle East are a major reason behind the mass exodus of Christians from the region that has occurred over the years. He demanded that US officials “stop siding with Israel and assaulting the Arab people” and, further argued, “the United States (is) trying to cover up crimes committed in the Arab world by holding the conference to show that it cares about Middle Eastern Christians — “when in fact, it doesn’t.”
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