Palestinian BDS calls for deeper solidarity between Palestinians and African Movements against colonialism and racism

The recent, welcome cancellation of the Africa-Israel Summit slated to take place in Togo this month underscores the urgency of re-focusing on how our struggles are intertwined and strengthened by our mutual solidarity.

Israel’s crimes in Africa are not so easily erased. Alongside its well-documented history of fueling civil wars, supporting apartheid and ruthless dictatorships across the African continent, Israel has recently been exposed as having played a role in the genocide in Rwanda. As early as 1992, Israel provided weapons, and later training, to the Rwandan military and Hutu militia that in 1994 perpetrated crimes against humanity against the Tutsis. A recent UN report accused Israeli arms suppliers of fueling the civil war in South Sudan. On the other hand, African states have a long history of supporting the Palestinian people. Since the late 1960s, growing numbers of African states have broken relations with Israel and consistently supported Palestinian rights in international fora.