Palestinian children live life of hardship in Israeli lockup

Israel’s widespread arrests and imprisonment of Palestinian children have been broadly condemned by human rights groups and watchdogs.Thus far in 2018, Israeli forces have arrested more than 353 children, and at least 102 – most of whom are from occupied East Jerusalem – were placed under house arrest between December 2017 and February this year.
The joint statement painted a bleak picture for Palestinian children in Israeli custody. The allegations include the use of brute force, restraining children in cruel ways, withholding food and water, violence and verbal aggression during interrogation and forcing confessions, among others.Some of the children have been tried in absentia, while the majority have received what rights groups call unreasonably harsh sentences and expensive fines. Ayed Abu Eqtaish, the accountability programme director at Defence for Children International – Palestine (DCI-P), argues that Israeli courts fail to respect established rules for detaining and trying children in court.
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