Palestinian defiance mounts; Israel struggles to uphold occupation

If only the western media and its Zionist-backed corporate entities were to be truthful and analytical, the narrative about the Palestine-Israel conflict would have horrified many an Israeli supporter. The occupation has few parallels in history for its cruelty and total irrationality. Too little is known about the facts about Israeli laws, policies, and practices that tantamount to massive violations of international law and international standards in human rights and humanitarian law. Israel knows this only too well. It is not in denial; it is in sheer defiance. It chooses to ‘Cock a snook’ at even minimal norms of civilization.

In an interview with Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel, he admits that ‘Israel (is) on a ‘slippery slope’ towards apartheid. However, he contemptuously remains unapologetic. In what sounds like a chronic case of political schizophrenia, he actually says: “I care about morality. But I care more about our very survival in life” – a chilling self admission by any standards. Small wonder then that the Hamas leadership ruled out possibilities “of negotiations based on international law aimed at bringing about the settlement of the Palestinian problem.” He was unambiguous in asserting that “violent resistance must be implemented in practice, because only it can bring Israel to a withdrawal.”

The case of the 16-year old girl Ahed Tamimi has increasing international gaze on Israel’s political high handedness. A coalition of French human-rights groups have demanded her release in an online campaign. 250,000 signatures have been amassed in just a few days. We urge readers to join this campaign( find details of campaign in the link with the relevant news item). Tamimi’s courageous resistance has captured the world’s imagination and exposed Israel as a fascist entity with little or no respect for the rule of law. Worse, it is a country that invents laws according to its need to castigate the Palestinian people in the most horrendous ways. Tamimi is a classic example of ‘more occupation begetting more defiance’. 

In another act of open defiance Palestinian Minister for Inmates’ Affairs in the Palestinian Authority Issa Qaraqe has demanded Palestinian prisoners be treated in line with international law. The practice of treating political prisoners as convicted criminals is unacceptable, he declares. Israeli laws, as we have noted repeatedly, are racist and ruthless, and they particularly violate the dignity of prisoners. These laws seek to delegitimize the Palestinian national struggle. Qarage avers that boycotting Israeli courts is a way to show Palestinian contempt and rejection of these objectionable laws.  

In an important study by researchers from Dar al-Kalima University, it has been irreversibly proven that most of the Palestinian Christians who left Palestinian were prompted by what seem to be bleak prospects for a political solution to the Israeli occupation. The exodus is almost entirely due to Israeli haughtiness rather than concerns over Muslim religious conservatism as the corporate media makes it out to be.

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Ranjan Solomon