Palestinian government hopes ancient shrine can lure in tourists

A general view of the the holy mosque of Nabi Musa where the tomb of Prophet Moses is placed, surround by the desert near the West Bank town of Jericho 23 November 2002. The tomb is considered holy because it houses the grave of the prophet Moses according to local tradition. Moses is recognized by Moslems as one of the great prophets of Islam. The main body of the present shrine, the mosque, the minaret, and some of the rooms, were built in AD 1269 during the reign of the Mamluk Sultan, Al Dhaher Baybars. AFP PHOTO/ Thomas COEX (Photo credit should read THOMAS COEX/AFP/Getty Images)

The bidding results for parties who would operate the Tomb of the Prophet Moses (Nabi Musa) near Jericho are expected to be announced March 28, according to the Religious Endowments and Affairs Ministry.

The Palestinian ministries of Tourism and Endowments are planning to renovate Jericho’s Shrine of the Prophet Moses to boost tourism and revive the economy.  The Palestinian Tourism Ministry launched restoration and rehabilitation activities of the tomb Feb. 26 in cooperation with the Religious Endowments Ministry, which owns the shrine. The works aim to turn the site into a hotel destination and attract more tourists.

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