Palestinian Human Rights Organization calls on journalists to reject the summons of security services

Al-Haq, a human rights organization called on Palestinian journalists to refuse responding to summons from Palestinian security services in the West Bank.

AlHaq said in a statement that calls to journalists and members of the public by the security services, regardless of their form – whether phone calls or written and signed summons – are unconstitutional in principle and a violation of the guarantees included in the Basic Law (the Palestinian constitution).

Al-Haq asserted that, in accordance with the principle of the rule of law, anyone contacted by the security services in this way should to refuse to deal with such summonses.

The organization urged the Syndicate of Journalists to uphold the constitutional procedural guarantees and to emphasize the right of journalists not to deal with summonses, not only to inform them about the unconstitutional summations.

Al-Haq called on the Palestinian Attorney General to use his powers to force security services to be held to account. It also called for the cancellation of decisions to block websites as they violate the provisions of the Basic Law and international standards of human rights.
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