Palestinian march gains momentum

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were clearly up to a challenge on the second Friday of their March of Return designed to protest against the marginalization of the Palestinian cause.
They proved that Israel’s sniper tactics do not work, and they persisted in their peaceful protests despite Israel’s harsh response that has killed more Palestinians, putting the struggle against the Israeli occupation back on the global agenda.
Observers say the March of Return has uncovered the double standards at work regarding the political causes of different peoples. It has also shown the bias towards the interests of major powers at the expense of the world’s peoples, and it has particularly drawn attention to the US silence on the killing of unarmed civilians in the Gaza Strip.
It has drawn attention, too, to the silence of the UN, whose role is supposed to be to maintain international peace and security. Many are asking why the UN quickly intervenes on other issues around the world, such as in Syria, Yemen and Libya, but sits on the fence when it comes to the Israeli occupation.
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