Palestinian Prime Minister Favors National Unity

Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah insisted again on the need to break the stagnation of national unity. United we can resist all plots against our national cause and exercise our legitimate rights, while unity will allow us to face the unjust U.S. decisions (about Jerusalem) and Israel’s constant violations.
What is needed now to strengthen intra-Palestinian reconciliation is that the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) assumes full powers on the Gaza Strip, Hamdallah said. ‘The financial empowerment of the Government, the total control of border crossings, the enforcement of law and order, and the granting of full powers to the judiciary is what is required to achieve reconciliation and to end the suffering of our people in Gaza,’ he said.
The government is currently doing everything possible to be self-sufficient, as the foreign aid, reduced mainly by the decision by the U.S. administration (of Donald Trump), continues to decline.
Source: Prensa Latina