Palestinians aim to “break wall of silence” with hunger strike

Palestinians hold placards during a protest to show solidarity with Palestinian prisoners held in Israeli Jails, in front of Red cross office in Gaza city, on March 27, 2017. Photo by Ashraf Amra

Two Palestinians being held in extreme isolation are undertaking hunger strikes to draw attention to their cases. Kifah Quzmar, 27, announced his hunger strike on 26 March after spending 19 days under interrogation without access to a lawyer. He has been jailed repeatedly in the past by thePalestinian Authority. Mahmoud Saada, 41, launched his hunger strike on 12 March after being interrogated since his arrest in mid-February.  Neither of them has been sentenced or placed underadministrative detention, Israel’s practice of holding Palestinians indefinitely without charge or trial based on secret evidence.

“They’re clearly being subject to this extended interrogation in an attempt to compel coerced confessions,” Charlotte Kates of Samidoun, a Palestinian prisoners support network, told The Electronic Intifada. “One reason why they have launched these hunger strikes is to attempt to break the wall of silence around Israeli interrogation tactics,” Kates added.
Source :Electronic Intifada