Palestinians assert right to resistance

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Palestinians assert right to resistance

Rest in Peace, Desmond Tutu [Mohammad Sabaaneh/Middle East Monitor]There is a romantic view held by pacifists who argue that war and violence are unjustifiable. Many will dispute this and assert that war and violence are less acceptable choices than peace through dialogue and non violence. And yet the prevailing conditions of the Palestinians make the options of the pattern of resistance a stark option.

In the case of the Palestine-Israel conflict, Israel has grown into being the fourth largest army in the world. It is battle tested and possesses a qualitative edge over all other countries in the region. Moreover it has undeclared nuclear weapons which makes it dangerous in war conditions. A moment of madness is all it takes for Israel to destroy millions and the ‘Nakba’, subsequent wars, and its continuous military control of occupied territories is proof that Israel will stop at nothing to destroy human lives without any feeling of remorse.

No less a man than Desmond Tutu has declared “that the people of Palestine have every right to struggle for their dignity and freedom.” Tutu further avers that such struggle has the support of many around the world.   The   right of  resistance of peoples and of the  individual has been  at  the  heart of all political  theories  since  humanity started  to conceptualize  the  foundations  of public  power.  (

Palestinians have gradually developed their capacity to resist what was once the superior fire power of Israel. In earlier times, Palestine would all but succumb to the wreckage it left behind. That is not quite the situation any longer. Palestinians have developed counter fire-power which has often compelled Israel to negotiate cease fire arrangements under pressure from Israel civilians who began to find the option of living in bomb shelters beyond ten days or less unbearable. The end of Israeli bombings has mostly coincided with potent attacks from Gaza, and elsewhere in the West Bank. In fact, Palestine has developed military capacities that have left a chilling effect on Israel. Israel may, yet, be the superior military authority. However, Palestinians are not empty of the wherewithal to fight back. In fact, in the last Gaza War, most observers think the Palestinians may have emerged winners – if not in concrete military terms; certainly on moral grounds and military counter power.

Very recently Palestinian fired a Sam 7 rocket by to target Israeli attack helicopters while they were bombing parts of the Gaza Strip. A report from Meher News announced that Resistance forces have fired several rockets towards Gaza Strip to test their rockets.

Can this racist and violent occupation end in a peaceful manner rather than by the use of tested armaments. That is clearly an Israeli choice to make. Being the eternal bully is no civilized option, although Israel insists on unashamedly and ruthlessly applying the more vicious and sadistic approach. Despite wide international condemnation, Israel is defiant in its choice of cruelly as its way to dominate Palestine.

The stories below demonstrate just how heavy-handed Israel chooses to be, and why it must be challenged in the most effective way. War and violence will only result in death and destruction. But what if the oppressor is unrelenting?

In solidarity

Ranjan Solomon

——————————————————————————————————Palestinians test Sam-7 rockets against Zionists’ choppers
Palestinian sources reported the firing of a Sam 7 rocket by the Resistance to target Israeli attack helicopters while bombing parts of the Gaza Strip.  Palestine air defense forces have fired two rockets towards invading Zionist helicopters near the eastern coast of Gaza.  According to the report, the two Sam-7 rockets were fired directly at Israeli helicopters involved in last night’s invasion of the Gaza Strip. To test the rockets, Resistance forces have fired several rockets towards Gaza Strip.

Local sources in Gaza said that the Resistance fired the rockets at the same time as the Zionists’ warplanes attacked the Gaza Strip and bombed a number of Resistance bases. Israeli air force and artillery attacked several bases and positions of Resistance groups in the north and south of the Gaza Strip. Israeli army spokesman claimed that “The air force is bombing the targets in Gaza Strip in response to rockets that have been fired at the coast of Tel Aviv.”

Let’s be honest, Zionist Israel is built on a tissue of lies
Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews, but say anything negative about the political ideology of Zionism or speak in favour of Palestine and the chances are, regardless of your religious beliefs or lack of them, you will end up being accused of anti-Semitism. In today’s world, posting negative tweets about Zionism or expressing the slightest criticism of Israel can land you in trouble. One 82-year-old woman in Britain, for example, could be expelled from the Labour Party having been accused of posting “anti-Semitic” views on social networks. Diana Neslen, though, is Jewish.

 After three investigations by the party, Neslen has had enough and is fighting back. Her legal team has sent a warning letter to let Labour officials know that her anti-Zionist viewpoint is a protected philosophical belief under the Equality Act. Furthermore, the lawyers at Bindmans say that she has been “subjected by the party to discrimination and harassment related to her protected philosophical belief.”

This has the potential to be a hugely significant case that will put the political ideology of Zionism under the spotlight. Its supporters, especially millions of Christian evangelicals around the world, especially in the US, would have us believe that political Zionism is older than Methuselah himself who, according to the Bible, reached the grand old age of 969. However, compared with the ancient patriarch, the nationalist movement is still in its infancy, having originated in eastern and central Europe towards the back end of the 19th century.

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Three Israeli plans for 2022
The first plan: The Israelis plan to absorb a potential new wave of immigrants from Ukraine, and they expect that Russia will launch a war on Ukraine at the start of 2022, because Russia has mobilised 100 military battalions on Ukraine’s borders. Experts are recommending preparing for this large number of immigrants, so special budgets must be approved for them. There is also a possibility of this being accompanied by another wave of immigration from Russia itself because America and Europe will apply economic sanctions on Russia, which will push thousands of Russian Jews to immigrate as well.

The second plan and it is related to the method of repressing the demonstrations and uprisings of our Palestinian people who have been steadfast in their lands since 1948. Israel Police worked to draw lessons from the conflict for the future. It was immediately decided to transfer command over Border Police units from the military to the police, as well as draw upon troops from the Home Front Command to replace police to secure IDF bases and convoys. As for the new Border Police units, they will consist of reservists who until now mostly served in “regular” military units, usually in infantry or border defence…The unit will participate in ongoing operational activities in Judea and Samaria [the occupied West Bank] and Jerusalem, and, if required, operate under the Israel Police for internal security missions, such as preventing violent riots in mixed cities.” These mixed cities include Lod, Nazareth, Haifa, Acre, and others.

As for the third plan, it is a plan that is being implemented outside Israel in the largest lobby for Israel in America, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). The organisation plans to change itself to be the Israeli lobby to support congressional candidates, by financing the campaigns of pro-Israel members of Congress and candidates for elections. It will support them financially and logistically to attract supporters for Israel from both the Democratic and the Republican parties.

AIPAC President Betsy Berns Korn has said: “Throughout AIPAC’s history, the Board of Directors has consistently adjusted our political strategy to ensure we could remain successful in an ever-changing Washington. The D.C. political environment has been undergoing profound change. Hyper-partisanship, high congressional turnover, and the exponential growth in the cost of campaigns now dominate the landscape.
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Majority of UN members back war crimes probe against Israel
A majority of 125 countries in the UN General Assembly backed on Thursday an unprecedented open-ended war crimes probe against Israel, news agencies reported. The probe was initially approved in May by UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) in the aftermath of the Israeli aggression on Gaza that took place in May 2021.

The UNGA vote came after Israel asked to amend the UNHRC budget resolution so that the money for the probe be excluded from the overall UNHRC budget. Only 8 countries voted in favour of the resolution, including Israel and the US, while 34 countries abstained.

Palestine’s Permanent Ambassador to the UN, Riyad Mansour, commended the vote and all the countries that rejected Israel’s proposal. He thanked the UNGA for approving all budgets of the programmes relating to the Palestinian cause, including his request to increase funding to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA). The US envoy to the UN, who voted against the probe, said: “The US will continue to oppose this [probe] and to look for opportunities in Geneva to revisit its mandate, which unfortunately was passed when the US did not have a seat on the UNHRC.”

Calls for JNF UK chief to resign over incendiary Islamophobic remarks
British Labour MP Alex Sobel has called on Samuel Hayek, the chairman the Jewish National Fund (JNF UK), to resign or be removed from office for offensive anti-Muslim remarks.

Speaking to the Jerusalem Post in early December, Hayek said Jews should start planning to leave Britain because “Jews who are unable to protect their assets, Jews being discriminated against badly is something that could quite easily happen – that is happening.”

Hayek claimed one of the reasons for the rise of anti-Semitism in the UK is shifting demographic patterns and that Muslim immigration threatens the future of Jews in the UK and Europe as whole.” I am not against any minority or against Muslims in the UK or Europe, but against anyone who spreads hatred that harms Jews,” Hayek said; adding, “That is how I see the near future evolving.”