Palestinians resistance defined by their will to defend liberty

Palestine Update 559


Palestinians resistance defined by their will to defend liberty
When an Israeli Defense Minister visits India, it spells trouble for Indian dissenters. For, the primary goal of Israeli-Indian collaboration is about subjugating movements for justice. Israel’s Ministry of Defence claim that both countries face similar challenges including that of terrorism. Neither side will concede that they are engaged in fighting struggles for self-determination.  Gantz’s visit seeks to entrench the military-industrial-complex on both sides and to strengthen military capacities which are intended to snuff out struggles for liberation.

Both Israel and India know well that there is a way to peace, other than military suppression. But both sides have seen profit in the 30+ years of security ties. India will invest more and more in military hardware at a time when India can ill afford sophisticated weaponry. The peace dividend could prompt programs that will  uplift people from poverty and hunger. It will not not advance war. India’s teeming millions who live in downright poverty will not eat bombs for breakfast. They need food, clothing, shelter, jobs, education, and the like. The military-industrial-complex cares two hoots and wants the dollars with which they can laugh their way to the bank.

This is why Palestinians have for 17 years urged the international community to pursue the path of confronting the brute ways of Israel’s racist-colonial project. Palestinians want Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions that would pressure Israel to end its military occupation, repeal its apartheid laws and allow Palestinian refugees to return to their homes. Sending field tested weapons around the world and trading in murderous weapons is not the way to justice and peace. It will one day have a boomerang effect on those who use and abuse weapons. In India, as well as Israel, the government uses the media to camouflage the truth. Journalists are placed under arrest, threatened and terrorized, shot at, assaulted verbally and physically.  The truth has its own way of leaking out. The social media has penetrated information blocks which the mainstream media won’t otherwise allow.

Palestinians, meanwhile assert their grit and determination. ”Palestinians do not sit around waiting for the right to protest by Israel, or the right to defend their homes, or the right to fight Israel’s apartheid regime. They act, because their lives and their freedom depend on it. For those of us who live in the imperial core, which is actively enabling Israel’s apartheid regime, who want to show true international solidarity, we must demonstrate the same resilience.”

We urge readers to read and disseminate these reports widely through their networks.

Ranjan Solomon

“Dead Sea Guardians” – Film as propaganda

 Israel has an international programme of propaganda to gain “legitimacy” and “normalise” its brutal oppression of Palestinians. Doc Edge has become part of this propaganda drive.

 “Dead-Sea Guardians” – the film the Israeli Embassy is sponsoring in the Doc Edge festival – claims to centre on a swim across the Dead Sea “from Jordan to Israel” but in fact is a swim “from Jordan to the Occupied Palestinian Territories”. (Kalia Beach where the swim ends is in the Occupied West Bank – part of the Occupied Palestinian Territories)

The Occupied Palestinian Territories were to be part of a Palestinian state but Israel has prevented this by building hundreds of illegal Jewish-only settlements across the area and brought in 600,000 Israeli settlers. Now they claim it is part of Israel.

 The Aotearoa New Zealand government, and the entire international community, do not support Israeli claims to the Occupied West Bank but Doc Edge, who say they selected the film for the festival, is happy to promote the crude propaganda lie that this is part of Israel.

 This is an added reason to boycott the festival.

 We have pointed this out to Festival Patron and former Prime Minister Helen Clark who knows this issue backwards. We expect her to take action.

 PSNA is putting out a call today for film producers to withdraw their films and the public to turn their back on this festival.

John Minto
National Chair
Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa