Palestinians skeptical about Moscow reconciliation deal

A meaningful unity requires serious restructuring of the Palestinian political system.
The news coming from Moscow about the Palestinian unity government is puzzling for the Palestinian people. For a long time, both Fatah and Hamas showed many signs that they were neither willing nor interested in having a genuine agreement that bridged the intra-Palestinian divide, as the current status quo is convenient for them especially with the absence of any forms of popular local accountability .

Recent local, regional and global developments pile further pressure on the Palestinian leadership to be more responsive to the aspirations of the people, and more responsible about the damage they are inflicting on the Palestinian struggle for justice and self-determination.

Popular protests in Gaza over electricity cuts shocked Hamas, the de facto government ruling the strip and threaten Hamas’ rule. Fatah and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank face pressure on three fronts: US President Donald Trump’s intention to move the US embassy to Jerusalem; the increasing popularity of the strategy of annexation among the Israeli leaders; as well as the PA leadership’s desperate attempts to pursue the negotiation track with Israel following this month’s Paris peace conference.

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