Palestinians Take to the Streets in Solidarity with ‘Freedom and Dignity’ Hunger Strike

On the first day of the Freedom and Dignity hunger strike, 1,600 Palestinian prisoners refused food from within 22 Israeli prisons. The hunger strike commenced on Palestinian Prisoner Day, April 17, 2017. The movement demands overarching policy changes, such an end to administrative detention, along with improvements to deteriorating living conditions in Israeli detention centers. The prisoners, according the their leaders and committees, say the hunger strike comes after years of fruitless discussions with the Israeli Prison Service (IPS).

The prisoner committees and political parties announced that all prisoners who have not yet joined the strike plan to. Only prisoners who are suffering from critical illnesses will forgo participation. Thus far, the movement is the largest prisoners strike since 2012. In Palestine, tens of thousands of Palestinians met the first day of the Freedom and Dignity hunger strike with energized popular and political action.
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