Royal Jordanian pilot announces: “Palestine is not yours to give”

A Royal Jordanian pilot who became a viral hit across the Arab world when a recording of him emerged telling passengers Jerusalem was “the capital of Palestine” is now directly criticizing Donald Trump for his recognition of the Israeli capital, castigating the US president while in New York, and professing willingness to die in order to destroy Israel. As his plane flew over Israeli airspace last week, Yousef Dajah informed passengers of an imminent flyover of “Jerusalem, the capital of Palestine … I’d like to say something to the president of the United States, Mr. Trump,” Dajah said in one interview: “My name is Yousef Al-Hamlan Dajeh. I’m from Jordan. I belong to Jordan, to Palestine, and to all the Arab countries. I am right here in New York beside your tower. What you have said is arrogant. What you gave to Israel – you said ‘Israel,’ but I don’t believe in Israel myself… It’s not right. It’s not yours to give.”
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