Seeking ‘humanity’ in the Gaza truce agreement

Once again, the dust of fruitless political thinking and the “demagoguery” that plagued the Palestinian cause from the very beginning have surfaced to deny Gaza the right to get a fresh start and revert to life, after it was transformed into a body suffering as a result of the suffocating siege imposed for more than 11 years.
Who would believe that a truce agreement between the factions of the resistance in Gaza and the Israeli occupation, regardless of its content, would lift the siege on Gaza or alleviate it, or be met with fierce opposition from certain political parties under the pretext of the so-called “Deal of the Century”, or any plans aimed at separating the Strip from the West Bank?
The “micro” vision, through which they approach the agreement, is overlooking a lot of details about the political and humanitarian scene related to it, in addition to the facts related to the nature of the “geopolitical” aspect and the political aspects of the agreement (under consideration) being based upon the illusion of a sense of sovereignty. However, the situation is reined by the reduction of the mentality of hegemony and the acquisition of the entire Palestinian political spectrum and struggle under different pretexts.
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