Separation wall graffiti: Art or occupation tourism?

Tourists trickle in and out of The Walled Off Hotel in this Palestinian city, crowding around Israel’s separation wall to spray graffiti slogans, murals and their names onto a chain of concrete slabs. To many Palestinians, a structure that has brought pain and suffering to their lives has become, for all practical purposes, a source of excitement and fantasy for tourists staying at the hotel. The hotel was established earlier this year by the British street artist Banksy, who reportedly said at the time that it was “the world’s only visitor attraction dedicated to the biography of a single concrete structure”.
The hotel’s website boasts “ceiling views of graffiti-strewn concrete” and proximity to an Israeli army watchtower. The rooms overlook Israel’s separation wall and are decorated with objects meant to represent Israel’s violence against Palestinians. The central activity for the hotel’s guests is decorating the wall with art and graffiti. Beside the hotel is a shop called “Wall Mart” that sells graffiti products to tourists eager to scribble their names on the most visual component of Israel’s more-than-half-century occupation of the West Bank.
However, many Palestinians express disappointment with what they see as the hotel’s profiting from “occupation tourism” in Bethlehem, which they believe has transformed Palestinian realities into recreation for tourists.
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