Settlements and National Parks

As Israeli control over parts of East Jerusalem inside and next to the Palestinian neighborhoods strengthens, Palestinian control over East Jerusalem weakens, and their physical and symbolic connection to the historic basin is gradually waning. This process is being supported, on the public level, by a nationalist narrative that utilizes historic and religious arguments while erasing the political dimension of the process and its dangers. This policy is part of a comprehensive policy toward Greater Jerusalem. Along with the giant neighborhoods/settlements in the eastern ring of Jerusalem and the clusters of settlements to its north, east, and south that comprise Greater Jerusalem, the settlements and National Parks in the Palestinian neighborhoods create a geographic-strategic contiguity in and around the Old City. It leans on Mount Scopus and Maale Adumim and joins a highway system ending at the outskirts of Jericho, thus severely impeding the possibility of an equitable living arrangement in Jerusalem, and the chance of reaching a political settlement that respects the private and collective rights of the members of the two peoples who share this city.

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