Silwad Mayor Denies Involvement of Jordanian Companies in Selling Land to Settlers

A Palestinian official denied involvement in a land appropriation scandal involving fake Jordanian-based companies trying to buy the Palestinian land and sell it to the illegal Israeli settlement of Amona.

The mayor of the Palestinian town of Silwad, Abd Al-Rahman Saleh, said in a telephone interview with the Jordanian Media Credibility Monitor (AKEED) that the report published by an Arab news website “provided false or inaccurate information about two things: first, about the fake companies based in Jordan that are trying to take of Palestinian Lands and sell them to Israelis, and second that one of them is a member of the Jordanian parliament.”

He pointed out that the companies listed in the news report are not based in Jordan. Indeed, the Wahib Company is based in Jerusalem and as for the other two companies, the Holy Land and Watan, the Israeli High Court of Justice refused to reveal their locations.

AKEED, which published an extensive report on its website, follows the names of the listed companies and none of which was found in the Companies Control Department register.