Sinn Féin calls for a new, collective international initiative to end the war against the Palestinian people

Sinn Féin National Chairperson Declan Kearney MLA has called for the international community to develop a new, collective initiative to bring an end to the war against the Palestinian people. Speaking during an address to the 23rd session of the Palestine National Council of the PLO, Mr Kearney said: “The failure of the international community to take a stand against the multiple injustices being inflicted on the Palestinian people by Israel is shameful and outrageous.”The international community must unite in holding Israel accountable for its actions.”The authority of United Nations resolutions must be upheld.”The Israeli state cannot have it both ways.”If it wants to be treated as a member of the international community then it must comply with the standards of behaviour which the rest of the world demands.”Ultimately that must mean an end to its denial of a homeland for the Palestinian people.
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