Statement from the commemoration of Nakba Day 2022 Theme “The Continuing Nakba”

Palestine Update 553
Statement from the commemoration of Nakba Day 2022 Theme “The Continuing Nakba”

     Nakba 74 was a day clouded in the memory of what happened on May 15, 1948. It was that fateful day when hundreds of thousands of Palestinians fled their homes and hundreds of villages were destroyed. Jewish author, scholar, and human rights activist, Ilan Pappe has distinctively called the Nakba an act of “ethnic cleansing.” The continuous expansion of illegal settlements, the ongoing siege of Gaza and daily violence unleashed on Palestinians sharpens the experience of the Nakba as “an extended present that promises to continue in the future”.

The commemoration in 2022 was sharply brought into focus by the killing of “Shireen Abu Akleh, a Palestinian-American journalist, allegedly by an Israel sniper. She was shot and killed while covering Israeli forces’ raid in the city of Jenin in the West Bank on May 11. Even more tragic was the way in which her funeral procession was brutally assaulted by Israeli police, to the point when her coffin all but dropped to the ground. It was obviously no accident because ‘Shireen’ was a well known face to the soldiers having served some 25 years and covering many clashes in the Palestinian territories.

Clearly, there is an ongoing Nakba by the Apartheid, colonialist, racist regime in Tel Aviv. Every passing day is replete with incidents of ruthless violence by Israeli armed forces. Killings of innocent civilians, house demolitions, stealth of land by and for settlers with tacit support from soldiers, imprisonment of men, women, and children without due charges are common place. Even heritage has not been spared with Israel taking over important heritage with two goals: To obliterate Palestinian history, and to capitalize on heritage spaces for profits to the tourism industry.

In 2022, the way the world views the oppression of Palestinians, whether in West Bank, Gaza, Jerusalem, or even in Israel, is changing. There are strong movements of solidarity, heightened consciousness about the truth of Israel’s colonialism in Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, and North America. The BDS Movement has sent shivers down the ruling clique in Israel and frightened Israel’s allies in the West.

On the 15th May, three organizations from India came together to express their solidarity on the occasion of the 74th year of the Naka. They included the Indo Palestine Solidarity Network, IndoPal Foundation, and India Palestine Friendship Forum. We were convinced that the Nakba is an ongoing political happening. Israel is seeking to cement their colonial agenda through the instrument of occupation. We listened to the Palestinian Ambassador, H.E.Adnan Abu Al-Haija outline the history of the Palestinian struggle, and the importance for a wider base of solidarity from countries across the world. He called on people concerned about justice and human rights to speak up and spread consciousness about the Palestinian condition. After some discussions, we agreed to:

  1. Work through the media to bring citizen consciousness on the injustices Palestinians face.

  2. Lobby with Parliamentarians and with opinion makers to challenge growing Indian complicity with Israel’s appalling cruelties.

  3. Call for an end to the Israeli occupation which is really a blatant act of colonization based on Israel’s apartheid and racist policies.

  4. Strengthen the BDS Movement especially with young people in schools and colleges as well with sports bodies. Target campaigns will be against Hewlett Packard, and Puma both of which are complicit with Israel’s militaristic ambitions and methods.


Signed by:

Indo Palestine Solidarity Network
IndoPal Foundation
Indo Palestine Friendship Forum