The Charade of Trump’s “Deal of the Century”

In January, Donald Trump released his vision for Middle East peace, hailing his plan as the “deal of the century.” In reality, the plan is a “deal” for one side only, granting every demand extremist right-wing Israelis have ever made — bar expulsion. It was drafted by administration officials with long-standing support for Israeli settlements, without Palestinian input, and offered Palestinians Bantustan-like enclaves in the West Bank

The deal is a list of Israeli exemptions from war crimes and crimes against humanity. Israel thus gained from the formula in which violations that are not immediately held to account slowly turn to norms by which to live.

The Deal of the Century is the expected outcome of ignoring Israel’s long-standing violations of international law. It denies Palestinian refugees their right of return, enshrined in UN Resolution 194 and affirmed by the UN General Assembly every year since 1949, including multiple subsequent resolutions to that effect.

The deal prevents Palestinian statehood. The Palestinian state that it does talk about is fraudulent and fake. It keeps in place the exact same settlements that are an outcome of colonial conquest, and actively obstructs any form of meaningful state sovereignty.–_pPQGdEaYvIrWhU8maqL1lP2JXwSLDOA3q1g1gvhszFSEroAhlNa29TUGAsM6ba9W7ZcvImFaNknnjVCWAdXWf4yxhnmZpDxoC0sJqQCDpN6jkLWPpaJjAsRSO_iZUO_u_Wg4wPfSsDXPrMobSGdgzpKs72wrNbFsDbglGklmE