The first Palestine Museum opens in the US

Connecticut has welcomed the nation’s first Palestinian art museum on Litchfield Turnpike. The 371-square-metre space, which occupies the ground floor of an office building, is the initiative of Faisal Saleh, a Palestinian entrepreneur. Motivated by a desire to celebrate Palestine’s cultural heritage and contemporary production, Palestine Museum US was conceptualised only in June 2017. It is also a reaction to the growing needs of US-based Palestinians for a space to exhibit their works without repercussions, exemplified by the Made in Palestine exhibition in 2003 at Station Museum of Contemporary Art which was met by controversy as US political figures claimed it glorified terrorism.

Aiming to function as a collecting institution with permanent and rotating apolitical shows, it currently features a programme of exhibitions to celebrate Palestinian heritage that span historical through to contemporary works. Initial highlights include the current show, which opened on 22 April, featuring 20 artists who currently reside in the West Bank.
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