The Israeli soldiers breaking their silence, revealing the truth of occupied Palestine

Nadav Weiman dreamed of becoming a sniper in the Israeli military, but making that a reality opened his eyes to an unspoken truth: He’d been duped into committing injustice. Now he’s helping other soldiers speak out.

Like most Israeli children, Nadav grew up with an understanding that his fellow citizens were in constant danger. From kindergarten to high school, he was taught a one-sided history of the Jewish state: the one where Israel was founded on empty deserts, where the barbarism of the Palestinians and the surrounding Arab countries would not falter until he was dead.

Now 31, Nadav feels part of a movement. It’s why he works for Breaking the Silence as its public relations coordinator – assisting the organisation’s educational programmes, tours and lectures. “There’s a shrinking democratic space in Israel,” he says bluntly. “You are allowed to talk only in certain cases and only about certain things… And maybe soon we won’t be allowed to talk at all.”

“We choose to occupy the West Bank, we choose to open checkpoints,” says Nadav, sighing. “We can also choose to close them. We are the strong side, not the weak. We are not being hunted, so we have the responsibility.”
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