The new Freedom Flotilla will prick the world’s conscience about Palestinian rights

The Palestinian people continue to come up with various and ingenious means to serve them in the struggle in which they find themselves. In a narrow field, they also seek constantly to produce alternatives for a conflict that undermines political balance and the regional and international equations. Through their experience in the struggle to rid themselves of the Israeli occupation, which has oppressed them for decades, the Palestinian people are aware of the appropriate tools and methods to use, depending on the circumstances. They have achieved some interim goals while the ultimate objectives of independence, freedom and their national rights remain on their radar.
While preserving energy and vital resources, they know that they must raise awareness of their struggle, reaching free people around the world; this has positive effects that will ultimately benefit the Palestinian cause. What is happening to the Palestinians is a symbol of the cause of every free and honourable human being championing justice against tyranny, and right in the face of wrong.
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