The new normal of today

Israelis uphold their discriminatory policies in several ways and are severely affecting life in the West Bank.

The enforced permit system, were the Palestinians have to apply for living in their own homes, travel a few kilometers to see their family, harvest on their own land and traveling to occupied east Jerusalem to pray. There are more than 100 different types of permits, which includes movement, residency, travel, work, farming, trade and money transfer, education, worshipers, visiting holy sites, construction, renovation and health. With only 19% of the West Bank being controlled by the Palestinian Authorities, the Israeli are using checkpoints to control where and when the Palestinians can travel.

Research done by the Palestinian Counselling Center (PCC) established that the wall has had a profound negative impact on the mental health of Palestinian children and created a major obstacle for them to obtain an education. Home demolitions, Israeli military night raids, interrogation and detentions are all part of daily encounters. Collective punishment is widely used against families and entire neighborhoods in response to the actions of a few. If a child is arrested for throwing stones, the collective punishment can be a refusal of permits for the entire family, even if the family’s income is depending on permits to get to work. Political violence, as the abuse of power to humiliate and harass is commonly used by the occupying forces.
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