The Palestinian fight back will happen

Palestine Update 377


The Palestinian fight back will happen

People around the world who wants an end to the Israel’s racist-colonialist occupation are hoping that the annexation plans of Israel would backfire. And, if the annexation were to proceed as planned, solidarity activists would  want Palestinians to take on the cruel, fascist regime. This is not a call to war. It is a call to unyielding resistance that will include civil disobedience and, when needed, a fight back, whatever that takes.

The signs of militant resistance are noticeable. PA security forces have paved the way for members of the Tanzim and Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades to increase their activities in these areas. The PA has come up with its own counter to the conclusion of the security cooperation with Israel. Tanzim and Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades are now engaged in enforcing lockdowns and other security measures in several Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps. So Israel must be nervous too. The annexation is no more the cake walk they thought it would be. With near unanimity, the annexation will be rejected. Sanctions are a growing threat to Israel and with the BDS Movement growing and most likely to intensify if the annexation happens, Israel would be isolated. There are more instances of tacit investments in Israel that are getting uncovered. Netanyahu’s confident body language is a mere frontage. Apart from the stark fascists including India, USA, Brazil, and a handful of political stooges, Israel is alone and friendless. Even the Arab States who would like to be friends of Israel, know they will have their own streets to contend with if they proceed to sign peace deals with Israel.

The anger on the streets of the world is palpable. Meanwhile Palestine has moved soft diplomacy into a more confrontational mode. It has demanded that EU stop pussy footing and playing double games acting as if it worries about the Palestinian condition while staying entrenched in political impotency.  Any form of support is to the racist regime is tacit support to its racist character. Deceptive diplomacy is just that- political trickery.

South Africa is illustrating what the way forward is. It is summoning African Union (AU) member states to adopt a sturdy and explicit standpoint against the Israeli regime’s contentious plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank. Pro-Palestinian African groups hope this will instigate other African countries to assert their support to the struggle for an independent and sovereign Palestinian state. In Africa, Israel’s annexation plans stand damned.

The struggle is on.

Ranjan Solomon

PA with Fatah armed groups after ending coordination with Israel
The absence of the PA security forces has paved the way for members of the Tanzim and Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades to increase their activities in these areas.
FATAH GUNMEN hold rifles during a demonstration in the West Bank. (photo credit: REUTERS)
The Palestinian Authority security forces have stepped up their cooperation with activists belonging to the ruling Fatah faction in the West Bank. The increased cooperation came in the wake of PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s decision to renounce all agreements and understandings with Israel, including security cooperation between the PA security forces and the IDF.  The PA security forces have begun work with armed groups Tanzim and al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades after the outbreak of the coronavirus in the West Bank in early March, when the PA security forces sought assistance from Fatah activists in enforcing lockdowns and other security measures in several Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps. The Palestinian Authority was unable to enforce its measures on the ground alone due to political, security and economic reasons…the Palestinian security forces had to rely on volunteers from civil-society organizations and Fatah members in each city, village and refugee camp.” The activists have been working under the Supreme Emergency Committee, headed by Prime Minister Shtayyeh.

Palestinians turn up the heat on Israel with plan for statehood
InsIDe: - Palestine Solidarity Campaign

After months of denouncing US President Donald Trump’s peace deal and refusing to participate in last summer’s summit on investing in Palestine, the Palestinian leadership offered a counterproposal. The plan by Prime Minister Shtayyeh was submitted to the Middle East Quartet made up of the UN, US, Russia and the EU. It proposes creating an independent but demilitarized Palestinian state with “minor” border adjustments. The plan also embraces the concept of equal or “like-for-like” land swaps. The move is a surprise and a change from the rigidness that has consumed the Palestinian leadership for years. It was fueled by an American shift that has seen it become more pro-Israel than in the past. There are questions as to why Palestinians did not make this counterproposal when Trump unveiled his plan back in January, or even sooner, at the “Peace to Prosperity” conference hosted by Trump’s son-in-law and Middle East adviser Jared Kushner in Bahrain last June.

LGPS funds invest further £1.3bn in Israeli war crimes PSC

Palestine Solidarity Campaign has uncovered that a further 16 LGPS funds invest in companies complicit in Israel’s violations of international law, in addition to the 33 released last week. This new data brings the total known complicit investments of LGPS funds to over £3.5bn. Initial research released by PSC on May 29th studied the direct investments of 33 LGPS funds, uncovering a range of investments in arms companies notorious for the manufacture of weapons used against civilian populations, and companies active in Israel’s illegal settlement economy.

The latest figures include investments for West Yorkshire Pension Fund, who invest in CEMEX, a Mexican building materials conglomerate that helps build illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land through their subsidiary, Readymix Industries. CEMEX were included in the UN Human Rights Office’s blacklist of companies active in illegal Israeli settlements. The research has also uncovered further investments in companies that supply the Israeli military with weapons and technology used against the Palestinian civilian population. F-16 fighter jets and Apache helicopters have been used repeatedly in Israeli attacks on densely populated civilian areas, resulting in thousands of civilian casualties in Lebanon, the West Bank, and Gaza.

EU’s double standard on annexation must stop
A furious, frustrated and disappointed Saeb Erekat, chief negotiator for the Palestinian Authority, rebuked German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas in scathing terms in an exclusive interview. He criticized Maas, who met Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and other senior Israeli officials in Jerusalem on Wednesday, for not also visiting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and not taking a stronger public position on Israel’s plan to annex parts of the West Bank.

Europe must apologize for double standards on annexation in a hint to the sanctions the EU has applied against Russia for annexing Crimea. Erekat insisted that the Palestinians view Germany as a “partner, a country that we count on, and has full partnership with us. And the EU is one of our closest partners,” but he added that the visit didn’t do much for the Palestinians. “I was expecting Mr. Maas to stand tall and say to the Israelis in the press conference, ‘If you do the annexation, there will be consequences, there will be sanctions, this is against international law.’

South Africa calls AU to mobilize against Israel annexation plans
US Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) (L) talks with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) during a rally with fellow Democrats before voting on H.R. 1, or the People Act, on the East Steps of the US Capitol on March 08, 2019 in Washington, DC. (AFP photo) South Africa says it will call on African Union (AU) member states to adopt a strong and unequivocal stance against the Israeli regime’s controversial plans to annex parts of the occupied West Bank and apply its authority to those areas. Speaking in a telephone conversation with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki, South African Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Naledi Pandor said she will ask President Cyril Ramaphosa, who is currently the AU chairperson, to urge African heads of state to confront the move.

Pro-Palestinian African groups have welcomed the proposal, starting their efforts to ensure other African countries. They are together with South in their assertion for an independent and sovereign Palestinian state and the denouncement of Israeli regime’s annexation plans. President Ramaphosa is leading the AU, and the hope is fellow heads of state in Africa also adopt firm and decisive actions against the Israeli gangster regime that consistently flouts international law,”