The plan to end UNRWA will not take away Palestinians’ right of return

A frenzied American attack against Palestinian fundamental principles is a continuation of colonial plans in Palestine, aiming to legitimize the presence of the occupation state and integrating it into its Arab surroundings. The deal of the century is a synonym for a malicious plot aimed at eliminating the Palestinian cause. It’s like a destructive rolling ball that targets Arab and Islamic dignity. Through this malicious deal, President Donald Trump is trying to put a heavy weight onto the Arab nation, causing it to feel shame and leading it to surrender while he imposes his vision and schemes onto a region where his top priority is the judisation of Palestinian land.
What’s so dangerous about Trump’s aggressive deal is that he’s trying to pass it gradually, piece by piece, with consecutive shocks that are not met with a serious reaction or effective responses, leading to a fully-fledged crime that has achieved its goals. So far, occupied Jerusalem has been declared the capital of Israel, and nothing happened; no one, from Jakarta to Casablanca, reacted to the judaisation of Muslims’ most holy site, which was done through a decision by America which is an ally to the majority of official Arab and Muslim regimes.
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