The toxic fallout of the ‘deal of the century’

Ever since United States President Donald Trump tasked his boy genius, Jared Kushner, with bringing peace to the Middle East, he has been a man on a mission – or perhaps more accurately, a man-boy on a mission impossible.

Whenever he has not been busy reinventing the US government, overseeing its major trade agreements, supervising Trump’s presidential campaign, and fighting the coronavirus epidemic, Kushner has focused on resolving the century-old conflict in Palestine. With little time and little interest in the complicated diplomacy needed to reach a fair solution, he has instead imposed his own preferred solution – or more accurately – that of his mentor, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which will certainly deepen the apartheid regime in Palestine.

But Kushner has dismissed the notion of apartheid just as he has dismissed the coronavirus as “more about public psychology” than an actual reality. No wonder then, the ridiculously dubbed “deal of the century” (DoC) has been losing steam and momentum.