The Ukraine imbroglio

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The Ukraine imbroglio

The sophistry of arguments of one imperial camp against another, and a snipe at the third, puts humankind to shame that after two world wars and 70 local regional and local wars we have the cheek to talk democracy and peace as we camp with one or the other as we take cover under some ideal that elections are equal to democracy and individual rights. And international law, who cares about it, certainly not liberal democrats. And who cares about sovereignty and territorial integrity, certainly not liberal democrats. So what explains our camp following? Probably post colonial double speak!!! (Source unknown)

Russia sees military coordination with Israel on Syria continuing
Russia sees its military coordination with Israel over Syria continuing, the Russian embassy said on Saturday, after Moscow signaled displeasure with Israeli statements about the Ukraine crisis, reported Reuters.

Following the 2015 Russian intervention in the Syrian civil war, Israel set up a “deconfliction mechanism” with the big power to prevent them clashing inadvertently during Israeli strikes against Iranian deployments and arms transfers in the neighbouring Arab state. “Our military officials discuss the practical issues of this substantively on a daily basis. This mechanism has proven to be useful and will continue to work,” the Russian embassy in Israel said in a statement.

But while voicing support for Israel’s security needs, it also reiterated opposition to violations of Syrian sovereignty.
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Russia invaded Ukraine – what will Israel do?
Russia launched a predawn attack yesterday on Ukraine on the orders of its president, Vladimir Putin, amid warnings from world leaders that it could trigger the biggest war in Europe since 1945. A day before Russia’s invasion, Israel’s Foreign Ministry issued an official statement pointedly backing Ukraine’s sovereignty without mentioning Russia. “Israel hopes for a diplomatic solution that will lead to calm, and is willing to help if asked,” the statement said; that Jerusalem “supports the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of Ukraine;” and voicing concern for Israeli citizens and the Jewish community in the affected regions.

Israel has to play what several commentators have called “a balancing act” when it comes to Ukraine. On the one hand, it should support Ukraine’s right to independence as well as the position of the United States and its European allies who have slapped sanctions on Moscow. But at the same time, it cannot alienate Putin’s Russia with which it maintains strong diplomatic and economic ties, and which also has a sizable Jewish community.

Russia-Ukraine war: 2,500 Jews ask to immigrate to Israel
About 2,500 Ukrainian Jews have asked to immigrate to Israel “immediately” following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They set up a special hotline on Thursday – when Russia launched a full-scale operation in Ukraine – to help those interested in leaving the country for Israel as well as Israelis who have relatives in Ukraine. The hotline is being operated out of Jerusalem in conjunction with\\the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ). So far more than 5,000 Ukrainian Jews have called the hotline, with about half of the callers expressing interest in moving to Israel immediately, Haaretz reported. The Jewish Agency said the first group of Ukrainian immigrants to Israel crossed into Poland in the early hours of Sunday. It posted a video on Twitter showing the immigrants en route from Lviv to the border with Poland, adding that they will be put up in Warsaw for the next few days before flying to Tel Aviv.
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Russia-Ukraine war: Western media criticized for racist ‘blonde hair blue eyes’ coverage of invasion
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has attracted wall-to-wall coverage from international media outlets. With cities across the country under attack, civilians fleeing the fighting, and hundreds of Ukrainians dead since the war began on Thursday, correspondents have flown in from around the world to the eastern European country as news sites have pumped out non-stop stories. But as the war has unfolded, numerous Western news outlets have aired racist views. “They seem so like us. That is what makes it so shocking,” wrote journalist and former Conservative politician Daniel Hannan in Britain’s Telegraph newspaper on Saturday.

“Ukraine is a European country. Its people watch Netflix and have Instagram accounts, vote in free elections and read uncensored newspapers. War is no longer something visited upon impoverished and remote populations. It can happen to anyone.” Prominent social media users have been quick to point out the racist tropes in this and other coverage.
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 If Ukraine can have an international brigade, why can’t Palestine and Syria?
Britain’s Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has said that she will support anyone who wants to go to Ukraine to join an international brigade of fighters against Russia. She described such a mission as taking part in a battle “for freedom and democracy”. I can’t help but wonder, though, about those who’ve left British shores to fight overseas only to have their citizenships revoked by an unsympathetic British government. The only difference I can see between those who want to fight in Ukraine and those who want to fight in Palestine, Syria, Libya or Iraq is skin colour and faith.

 There are at least 100,000 Muslims living in Kyiv. Is Truss going to support their British and European brothers and sisters who want to go out to fight alongside them in the Ukrainian capital? She told the BBC on Sunday morning that it was up to people to make their own decisions in such situations; she also said that the Ukrainians are fighting for freedom, “not just for Ukraine but for the whole of Europe.” Why, I wonder, are democracy and freedom more precious in Europe than, say, in Syria, where dictator Bashar Al-Assad is trying to crush the last vestiges of a revolution in which Syrians dared to dream about their own democratic state? And why are Palestinians who resist Israel’s brutal occupation demonised as “terrorists” and shunned by the “democratic” and apparently freedom-loving West? I know many people who would like to go out and join the Palestinians in defence of their legitimate rights as they fight for survival against apartheid Israel.

(This article by Yvonne Ridley are her personal views; not necessarily those of Middle East Monitor)

Israel’s ethnic cleansing of Sheikh Jarrah
“If Israeli courts were just, they would have already decided that we should remain in our houses. But these courts are unjust, which is why we have no faith in them.” The Sheikh Jarrar controversy, which has been described as a “property/real estate dispute” by the Israeli government and its supporters, and as an “expulsion”, “displacement” or “ethnic cleansing” event and a matter of international law by Palestinians and their supporters, is a long-running legal and political battle.

IOF attack Palestinians following funeral procession of slain boy
Several Palestinians suffocated today evening after inhaling tear gas fired at them by Israeli forces during clashes that broke out in the town of Al-Khader to the south of Bethlehem, in the southern West Bank. Clashes reportedly broke out following the funeral procession of 14-year-old Mohammad Shehadeh who was killed last night by Israeli forces during clashes in the town of al-Khader.

Israeli forces used rubber-coated steel bullets, tear gas canisters, and stun grenades against residents, causing several suffocations cases among them. They were all treated at the scene. In the meantime, a 13-year-old boy sustained bruises and fractures after being chased down by Israeli army soldiers in the town of Beit Fajjar to the south of Bethlehem, said security sources. Israeli soldiers chased after the boy until he fell down while trying to run away, causing him fractures in his foot and multiple bruises. The boy was briefly detained before forces let him go. He was then taken to the hospital for medical treatment.