Travel permits granted to Gazans by Israel declined sharply

Gisha, Legal Center For Freedom of Movement, an Israeli organization that advocates for the freedom of movement of Palestinians in the Palestinian Territories, said the number of permits granted to Palestinians by Israel have declined at the same level as before the Israeli offensive launched on Gaza in 2014.
“The number of exits by Palestinians through Erez Crossing during April was only 4,677, a drop of 23 percent compared to the low number recorded the previous month (only 6,078 exits), and a drop of 62 percent compared to the average monthly number of exits in 2016,” said Gisha.
Gisha noted that the Jewish holidays as well as Hamas’s temporary ban on travel following the assassination of one of its leaders in Gaza contributed to this decline. Yet, Gisha noted that the decline is part of an ongoing policy to tighten the Israeli siege; when comparing the same period of time with that of last year, where Jewish holidays also took place, statistics show a decline in the number of people who were granted permits.
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