‘Trump And The Holy Land: 2016-2020: The Deal Of The Century’ – Book Launch

Meticulously researched and written by Eurasia Review’s Middle East correspondent, Neville Teller, ‘Trump and the Holy Land: 2016-2020’ is the only full account of President Donald’s Trump’s bold effort to deliver a plan for Israeli-Palestinian peace. Tracking and analyzing everything from inception to unveiling, Teller examines the plan from both a geopolitical and humanitarian perspective, ultimately begging the question – what will be the eventual fate of the “deal of the century”?

On January 28, 2020, President Donald Trump stood next to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and unveiled his plan, officially titled “Peace to Prosperity: A Vision to Improve the Lives of the Palestinian and Israeli People”.

Known to most as the “Deal of the Century”, it was a bold plan to achieve Israeli-Palestinian peace, something first announced by Trump during his presidential campaign. Since its inception, writer and correspondent Neville Teller has been tracking its every move.

For the first time, the entire deal and its journey have been chronicled in a book. ‘Trump and the Holy Land: 2016-2020’ has been four years in the making; the product of thousands of hours of research, writing and analysis.