Trump Has All But Lost Peace in the Middle East

The dramatic changes introduced during Trump’s short tenure are the direct consequence of the shortcomings of the process so famously celebrated by Clinton, Rabin, and Arafat on the White House lawn on a gloriously sunny day in September 1993.

The system created by the architects of Oslo failed to establish a territorial basis for Palestinian sovereignty or Palestinian democracy. Instead, Trump inherited a barren diplomatic landscape that had succeeded only in consolidating Israeli occupation and settlement objectives—most notably the transfer of more than one half million Israelis to territories occupied by Israel. This “success” irretrievably complicated the prospects of a consensual resolution to the conflict between Palestine and Israel that was at the heart of the internationally supported consensus established by Oslo.

Trump’s effort to create new rules of the game is unfolding with or without the introduction of the much-hyped but ever-elusive “deal of the century.” And Congress, taking its cue from Trump’s effort to dismantle key aspects of U.S. policy, is shaping its own initiatives accordingly.
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